How To Choose The Best High-End Outdoor Appliances in Greater Los Angeles


In the Greater Los Angeles region, we’re lucky to have beautiful weather frequently, which allows us to spend a great deal of time outdoors. We can enjoy nearly everything we can do indoors comfortably, like cooking, relaxing, dining, entertaining and more. Having the right outdoor set up and the right out-door kitchen tools and appliances at your fingertips makes all the difference in the world for these activities.  All the activities mentioned above a breeze!  At Lerman, we repair all industry-leading brands here and can help you with everything from parts, maintenance, repairs, and support.

Here at Lerman Appliances, we repair all the major high-end appliance brands and we know a think of two about quality.  The top brands are all very well made and can last for years so long as they are maintained and quickly repaired if they stop working as designed

So what do you need for the perfect outdoor appliance set up? Let’s go over a few suggestions!

Keep It Cool

No matter if you’re enjoying an ice tea, a cool glass of water, or your favorite cocktail, ice is a necessity to keep your drinks cool and refreshing. However, running to the market or corner store every time you need it isn’t always convenient, and neither is having to run inside every few minutes. That’s where outdoor refrigeration from True with their amazing undercounter units and ice makers come in handy. SubZero has some fantastic undercounter outdoor fridge models available also. We repair these top brands and more and you can’t really go wrong with either.  Lynx is also going to work based on your needs.  They key is to get a brand you can repair not just throw away and buy a new unit.  This is wasteful and bad for the environment.

And talking about cool, depending on your needs, an outdoor refrigerator from Lynx or True Residential would be a great addition to your outdoor kitchen setup. From smaller cooling options to full-fledged fridges, you’ll have fresh food nearby in a snap, thanks to your exterior appliance setup.

The Grilling Questions

From barbecues to grills, you can serve up some tasty meals outdoors to delight the taste buds of your family and guests. Of course, when you think of outdoor appliances, a grill or cooktop likely immediately comes to mind. The Wolf brand has some worthy options, as does Alfresco. Make many tasty dishes with these high quality outdoor cooking appliances!

Do You Have A Dish?

When all the eating and visiting is over, it’s time to clean up, and having a sink or outdoor dishwasher can make it a snap. Of course, when considering outdoor dining and kitchen fun, a dishwasher is a definite consideration. Again, Lynx has some great choices in this department.

DCS, Viking, Wolf, Kalamazoo, Hestan, Hoshizaki, Marvel, Lynx, Alfresco, True, SubZero, we can repair and help you maintain many top-tier lines here at Lerman Appliances.

We do specialize in high end brands, we’re able to fix and maintain most makes and models.

Get in touch with us anytime at (818) 308-3117 for all your appliance needs—both indoors and outdoors.

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