Low Temp Freezers

Low Temp Freezers

The manufacturing standard of low-temperature freezers sets them to operate at a temperature of between 5 and -45 Celsius. No matter the specified temperature settings, these ultra-low freezers come in varieties to cater to different purposes of buyers.

Types of low-temperature freezers

Upright freezers and chest freezers

The chest freezer offers lesser degrees in temperatures but is also inconvenient due to its more substantial sizing. They last longer than the upright freezers because they do not require the usage of compressors. This low usage of energy also allows it to reach lower temperature points that maintain a consistent performance.

The twin ultra-low temp freezer

This freezer has dual compressors for the high stage and low stages of temperature. The only downside to this freezer is that it should have both compressors in a working condition to perform well. The fail of one compressor will result in the fail of the whole ULT freezer.

Some ULT freezers have vacuum insulation panels, which are a better alternative to low temp freezers that take up too much space. These panels are vulnerable to cracks with extreme fluctuations of temperature within the fridge. Do not open and close the doors with too many repetitions because that will alter the temperature within the refrigerator.

How long does it take low temp freezers to cool?

When the door of a ULT freezer opens, it takes approximately ten minutes for the temperature to resume to a new low point. The flammable fridge takes shorter and saves at least fifteen percent of electrical power in the process. The following features will slow down the warm-up when one opens the doors:

  • The door gasket
  • The claw door
  • Effective insulation

Overall, the time it takes to warm up or cool the fridge usually depends on the model of the freezer. Manufacturers typically have graphs to demonstrate the heating speed and power consumption. 

How much temperature variation can you expect in low temp freezers?

While the general set point is usually -45 degree Celsius, manufacturers may adjust the number with small customizations.

How to avoid frost in the freezers?

Read the instructions

Frost builds up when water vapor gets into contact with the cold interior surfaces of a freezer. This frost buildup can obstruct the inner doors and ultimately cause the formation of ice. Most freezers include instructions on how to prevent the formation of frost and its advancement to ice. Features such as the gasket and claw latches will constrict the hinges and avoid the formation of frost against the inner door.

Maintain proper ventilation

Freezer Concepts does not advise placing the freezer in areas without sufficient air circulation. Sunlight will also add to the temperature within the room and cause excessive cooling effects, which may result in the formation of frost.

Clean oil logs

Fridges with clogged capillary tubes will have the formation of ice. The depositions harden over time and cause cracking due to the increased pressure from the inwards. You can also replace the original oil with a synthetic wax, which does not stick on capillary tube walls.


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